Sunday, November 06, 2005

ISTJs of the World Unite! Stay Home.

If you, like me, are an introvert (And why do I suspect that most of you are?), then you have to read this fantastic Atlantic article by Jonathan Rauch, even though it's over two years old. Ann Althouse linked to it, and her readers left some interesting comments.

Update, 7:10 AM 11/7/05: Kevin Drum of The Washington Monthly also links to this and got a bunch of comments. I'm kind of surprised how many of the commenters from both blogs have been making a big deal out of how the Myers-Briggs test is "junk science." Look, this thing does not purport to tell us that the glaciers are going to melt next summer or anything like that. It's just one of many lenses through which you can look to get (a certain amount of) insight (that must be tempered with personal knowledge and common sense) into your own or others' behaviors and attitudes -- even though by human nature, those behaviors and attitudes will frequently and illogically vary and be inconsistent with previous and future behaviors and attitudes as displayed by the same person. Since we aren't machines, we aren't always going to do ABCDE. But, IMHO, this sort of thing doesn't do any harm and helps you (kind of) understand how others approach the world. It's only junk science if you treat it as science in the first place.


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