Monday, December 26, 2005

Happy Boxing Day, etc.

Well, first of all, a happy Boxing Day to everyone.

I got a few goodies over the weekend. Among them: A raspberry pie, some Muppet Show stamps, and a Rubik's Cube I used to play with when I was about 12. (In our family, sometimes we regift to the people we originally gave the gift to.) I also got in a few games of Super Scrabble (with twice the tiles, and quadruple-word-score tiles!)

My Sirius radio works better in the car than it does in the house and I listened to it for most of my road trip today. I'm trying to decide what my favorite channels are. So far, I really like Channels 22 (First Wave), 08 (The Big 80s), 16 (The Vault), and 72 (Pure Jazz). Also, they have a channel (118) for old-time radio shows (a genre of which I have always been fond), that I want to check out more thoroughly later.

Back to work tomorrow. Comments on regular old stuff to follow.


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