Wednesday, December 14, 2005

A Few Things

A few items of note:

  • Here are some observations on ACBC from Unlocked Wordhoard, and comments on that and other Christmas specials from The Shelf.
  • Only one more day to vote in the 2005 Weblog Awards.
  • With all the hubbub over Wikipedia lately, I thought that this was an interesting piece of Boing: A Nature article comparing Wikipedia to the Encyclopedia Britannica. Excerpt: The exercise revealed numerous errors in both encyclopaedias, but among 42 entries tested, the difference in accuracy was not particularly great: the average science entry in Wikipedia contained around four inaccuracies; Britannica, about three.
  • LBNL, Here's the new Seed Magazine that's supposed to be the next big thing. Comments on / Excerpts from articles to follow. A blogpost about the new magazine's design can be found here.

Update: 12/15/05, 9:51 PM -- Looks like Wikipedia is getting pwnd by Web pranksters. Excerpt: This is despite a surge in the number of spoof articles and vandal attacks which have followed the furore over a biographical Wikipedia article linking John Seigenthaler, a respected retired journalist, with the assassinations of both John F and Robert Kennedy. In one such fake article, it was suggested today that Jimmy Wales, Wikipedia's creator, was shot dead at his home by Siegenthaler's wife.


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