Saturday, December 10, 2005


Following up on a few things from earlier this summer and fall...

I removed Underneath Their Robes from the blogroll the other day, even though it's been password-protected and unavailable to the blogosphere at large for several weeks. As you may or may not know, Article 3 Junkie was outed (As being a guy, by the way! An assistant U.S. Attorney in NJ.) in New Yorker Magazine.

Also, here's Newsweek on recently resigned-and-indicted Congressman Randy 'Duke' Cunningham, about whom I wrote the following back on 7/3/05:

It looks like previously blogged-about flag sophist Randy "Duke" Cunningham got a friendly visit from the FBI the other day. At my work, I recently declined the gift of a shirt from one of our vendors due to the possible conflict of interests (or actually, the appearance thereof) that might ensue. However, Cunningham has been living part-time on the luxury yacht of one of his vendors (i.e. a defense contractor). But, I bet the yacht at least has a nice big flag on it. More on Congressman Cunningham here. (p.s. - Even if you usually skip links, click that last one.)

OK, so now, what is up with this? (Excerpt from Newsweek, props to Majikthise):

Two women quoted by the Copley News Service depicted Cunningham, a self-described family man, as offering them champagne after changing into pajama bottoms and a turtleneck sweater "to entertain them by the light of his favorite lava lamp."

Keep in mind, this is the guy who was supposed to have been the basis for Tom Cruise's character in Top Gun. I'm sure he was looking for a Hefnerian effect; Can't blame him for trying.

Likely Cunningham's intended outcome; Still needed some work.


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