Saturday, December 31, 2005

What I Did Instead of Cleaning the Junk Room Today

So I had a day off work today, and instead of cleaning out the junk room as I have been meaning to (and will start on tomorrow!) I spent a couple of hours fixing up an Excel template that helps you do Sudoku puzzles. Then I spent another hour or so looking online to see if there is any way to upload an Excel doc onto Blogspot, so that if someone clicks on a certain link, that Excel template will open on their browser. No luck. Anybody know anything about this?? The template doesn't actually do the Sudoko for you, of course; It's just supposed to be an alternative to pencilling in teensy numerals on the grid and then trying to erase errors w/o ripping the paper and making a big mess. Plus, it totals up your lines so you don't inadvertently put two of the same number on one line, etc.

But tomorrow I'm going to start in on the junk room! Really! I've been inspired by this Communicatrix post.

Thanks to my friend SSMW for linking to Answer Girl, whom I have added to my blogroll.

Got a spare copy of Orwell's 1984 sitting around? (Actually, I probably do in the junk room...) Why not send it to the Oakland Tribune? Excerpt: Turns out the truth is no stranger than fiction. We think it's time for Congress to heed the warning of George Orwell. To that end, The Oakland Tribune, a sister paper of The Argus, is asking for your help: Mail them or drop off your tattered copies of "1984." When they get 537 of them, they'll send them off to every member of the House of Representatives and Senate, and to President Bush and Vice President Cheney, as well. Feel free to inscribe the book with a note, reminding these fine people that we Americans take the threat to our liberties seriously. Remind Congress that it makes no sense to fight a war for democracy in a foreign land while allowing our democratic principles to erode at home.

Mailing Address:

Oakland Tribune

401 13th St.

Oakland CA 94612

Here's an article about what sucky bullshit the whole music-rights-clearance industry is, specifically as it applies to the wonderful documentary Mad Hot Ballroom (which you should see if you haven't already).

Tired now. Must... go... to... bed... zzzzzzzzz


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