Monday, March 06, 2006

A Few Things

  • My friend SSMW shares her unpublished bitterness with the world. Until the Blogosphere came along, she could only share it with people she actually knew! (And retail salespeople.) I can only imagine her bitterness regarding the published-author status of those writers whose works are displayed at Book Happy's World of Weird Books.
  • Right now I'm watching a fantastic documentary about a maverick L.A. cable station from the early days of pay-TV, Z Station: A Magnificent Obsession. It's about a guy named Frank Harvey (who turns out to be crazy and homicidal/suicidal, but hey...), but in a larger sense it's about how great all sorts of aspects of the movies can be -- European films, Asian films, documentaries, Westerns, softcore exploitation, costume dramas, Depression-era screwball comedies, all of it. Listen very closely: If you are at all interested in the cinema, watch this documentary immediately! (Z Channel's ultimate demise came from what? Sports, of course.)
  • The ♥G♥ and I watched Spielberg's War of the Worlds last night. It was pretty good; I'm glad I watched it, even though the whole Cruise-as-divorced-dad thing grated on the nerves (i.e. singing "Little Deuce Coup" or whatever the hell that was all about). I liked the dialogue adapted from H.G. Wells for the cellar scenes with Tim Robbins. As with Jackson's Kong, the whole thing had a very post-9/11ish feel.
  • Check out the new PopCult Magazine link in the sidebar.
  • Lots of good surfing to be had at Deb's Historical Research Page.
  • LBNL, in the midst of link-cleaning, I found this real good page I had bookmarked years ago with everything you'd ever need to know about Flappers.


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