Sunday, April 02, 2006

Has It Been a Week Already?

My, how time flies...
  • I've been watching the original Battlestar Galactica series from the late 70s on DVD. I had forgotten a ton of this stuff, but lots of it has flooded back to me. I never exactly got the whole thing of how Baltar ended up in charge of a Cylon Base Star; I still don't exactly, but it makes at least a certain amount of sense now. They certainly did borrow reimagine a lot of stuff for the new series... Preview clips at the beginning of each show, Cain and the Pegasus, The Rising Star, etc.
  • Continuing on our Werner Herzog kick, we watched Grizzly Man the other day, the posthumous documentary about eco-nutcase/bear dinner Timothy Treadwell. Let's just say the guy had issues. He kind of brought to mind what would happen if Andy Dick fell down the stairs at the L.L. Bean store and woke up thinking bears were his only friends.
  • Here's Pullquote, a good cinema blog from (I think) a film professor. I'll add this to the sidebar shortly. (Thanks to TT.)
  • And, here's a good word -- Satisficing. Excerpt: In economics, satisficing is a behaviour which attempts to achieve at least some minimum level of a particular variable, but which does not strive to achieve its maximum possible value.
  • More links and things I've been doing and thinking about later tonight.


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