Saturday, March 18, 2006

Tom Fox - Is It the Same Guy?

So the question I was trying to figure out last night has to do with Tom Fox, the American peace activist who was recently abducted and killed in Iraq. (Here's his blog.)

The other day, I happened to watch the 1974 documentary about Vietnam, Hearts and Minds (which won the Best Documentary Oscar, btw.) I watched it with the commentary track last night and this morning. In the credits, I noticed that there was a Tom Fox who was the film crew's guide through South Vietnam in the early 1970s. Could they be the same guy?

Here's an excerpt from an interview with H&M director Peter Davis: I also worked with another American there who became part of our unit when we were shooting, a guy named Tom Fox who now edits a national Catholic magazine. Tom is married to a Vietnamese woman and he speaks much better Vietnamese than Brennon Jones. So Tom took us around and did a wonderful job of interviewing people.

Sounds like it could plausibly have been the same guy as was a member of the Christian Peacemaker Teams. But, the middle initial gave it away. Looking at the credits again, I see that the H&M Tom Fox was Tom C. Fox; The recent victim of Iraqi insurgents was Tom W. Fox. Unless he was one of those guys with multiple middle initials. Anyone know of any connection?


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