Thursday, May 04, 2006

Nall, Y'all

Here's the blog of a candidate for governor of Alabama on the Libertarian ticket, Loretta Nall. Ms. Nall has an interesting fundraising idea, based some comments one of the local columnists made about her chests. Excerpt:
Well, I don't approve of political reporters who are titillated by my breasts while ignoring the serious issues which affect a whole lot of poor and disenfranchised Alabamians. I responded to Ingram with, "I'd like to extend the following invitation to both of you. Now that you and the rest of Alabama have been introduced to 'the twins' perhaps you'd like to meet the rest of me. I'll don my [burqa] so y'all won't be distracted and perhaps we can discuss the other planks in my platform, since Mr. Ingram saw fit to only discuss one." In addition to my boobies , everyone knows about my underwear habits, but the media won't cover important issues like the thousands and thousands of people in state prisons serving time for victimless crimes.

Heh. Titillated.

Update, 5/5/06, 7:45 AM -- I finally watched P!nk's Stupid Girls video in its entirety; until now I had only seen snippets... I hope P! asks Nall to be in the sequel.


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