Tuesday, August 15, 2006

MRQE Revamped; Beetle in the Red Zone; Proofreading

Several things:

  • If you haven't used the Movie Review Query Engine recently (or ever) you ought to check out its new look. From "What's New?" page: What's new? In short, everything! Well, not everything. MRQE's index of movie reviews, updated daily since late 1993, is still front and center, but now it's been enhanced with the indexing of news and weblog articles. We've also introduced movie forums, where registered users can join the conversation. There are forums available on a variety of topics, and for every movie title. (Why not sign up now?) Registered users can also subscribe to MRQE MatinĂ©e, the twice-weekly newsletter that keeps you up-to-date on new film and DVD releases. And oh, by the way, we made some changes to the site's look-and-feel. :-) Enjoy --Stewart M. Clamen, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief
  • I like this Comic Strip Doctor feature from Wondermark: An Illustrated Jocularity very much. Lots of good commentary, followed by adjustments of various newspaper cartoons. Excerpt followed by example: By keeping the spirit of the characters and setting -- it's a beautiful day; Beetle and Plato are clearly enjoying lounging in it; Zero, as usual, is clueless -- we can subtly interject a bit of topicality and, at the same time, draw the character traits into sharper focus. In our version, Zero doesn't have to be just two-dimensionally "dumb," whereby people call him dumb and that comprises his character; he can actually be an individual over his head in a situation that he honestly does not know how to comprehend.

Original Strip


  • I'm thinking about looking into this Project Gutenberg program, in which volunteers proof classic texts in public domain before they are posted as e-books. Excerpt: This site provides a web-based method of easing the proofreading work associated with the digitization of Public Domain books into Project Gutenberg e-books. By breaking the work into individual pages many proofreaders can be working on the same book at the same time. This significantly speeds up the proofreading/e-book creation process.


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