Sunday, April 15, 2007


Via The Tocquevillian Magazine, here's a patriotic young lady:

In honor of all military service personnel, this spunky UCLA Phi Beta Kappa graduate put her heart and soul into designing a calendar fundraising project that not only would bring in needed funds to support programs that care for ill and injured Veterans, but would also provide a gift of appreciation for these courageous hospitalized Vets, as well as bring a little bit of “the girl next door” in care package gifts to homesick troops deployed overseas. Her website is The 2007 “Pin-Ups For Vets Calendar” is a saucy 1940’s style “cheesecake” calendar featuring a blonde, redhead, and brunette Gina Elise (who also serves as the program’s “Pin-Up-In-Chief ) in a variety of provocative, but classy, poses surrounded by some classic vintage cars and World War II army vehicles. The calendar has been getting loads of positive coverage in newspapers and on legions of military and civilian websites.

Only thing is, al Qaeda does the same thing:

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