Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Game

First problem with liveblogging. Survivor has been pushed back so that they can show all of 60 Minutes, which itself was pushed back because of The Game.

Note: Whenever we see any sort of sporting event on TV, from high school football on local cable through the Super Bowl, we refer to it (with emphasis) as "The Game" (proper noun). This is a term of derision, but whenever we use it in public, most people are too dim to catch on. How can it be a proper noun when there are so many different sporting events going on all the time? Because all that stuff is pretty much the same thing.

Also, the Super Bowl is coming up in about a month I guess. Don't forget: Football is gay.

P.S. - Guess what the 60 Minutes segment is about? A football coach. (He seems like a nice guy, though.)

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