Tuesday, July 26, 2005

SSMW; The Kinsley Retort; Tinkerty Lists

Please stop over and say hello to a friend of mine, Short Sardonic Midwestern Woman at I Need a Life! SSMW is indeed short, sardonic, and from the Midwest, and frequently comments on the utility and desirability of getting a life, both with regards to herself and those she encounters.

Michael Kinsley, whom I generally like quite a bit, is upset that his L.A. Times Wikitorial experiment didn't work, and now he's venting his frustration at undersocialized geeks. Excerpt:

Or maybe cyberspace just has more than its share of undersocialized geeks, sitting in front of their computers and sharing their bitterness with the world.


Rachel at the newly linked-to Tinkerty looks at the Well-Educated Mind list and bolds those she has read. It'd be fun to start a meme like that, with like 90 actual classics (some well-known, some obscure) and 10 phonies, encourage bloggers or commenters to indicate which they had read, and see how many pick the fake ones. The Freakonomics boys would have a ball with that.


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