Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Suggestion for Overdue Media

Suggestion for the guys at Overdue Media, creators of every librarian's favorite comic strip, Unshelved --

In addition to making a feed available for bloggers to have a daily feed from your (almost-always 3-panel) comic strip, comme ├ža...

...why not also make a vertically stacked version of the strip available so that the daily feed is narrow enough to easily to add to a sidebar? My sidebar width is 220, and the horizontal strip above is 600 (i.e. three 200s).

Just a thought.


Anonymous Bill Barnes said...

Because our strip isn't always vertically stackable. While three-panel strips are the most common kind, you'll often see one, two, and four panel strips, as well as other interesting variations.

But keep the suggestions coming!

5:50 PM  
Anonymous Bill Barnes said...

Oh, and I'm assuming you know that we do have a feed available here

5:52 PM  

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