Monday, September 11, 2006

Make Sure to Watch "A Time for Burning."

I'm watching a fascinating documentary right now, A Time for Burning. In 2005, it was named to the Library of Congress Film Registry. It's about an all-white church in Omaha in 1966 in which the pastor and a small group of congregants want to take the unheard-of step of arranging for 10 of their church families to spend an evening visiting 10 families from a local black church. This is old-school documentary filmmaking without a bunch of fancy CGI graphics, smart-ass/self-referential directors, or eclectic indie-rock/world-music soundtrack selections. The people on the wrong side of the issue aren't shown as shallow villains; the people on the right side aren't shown as infallible superheroes.

Wikipedia article on the film here. Wikipedia entry on barber/legislator Ernie Chambers here.

Make sure to view this film if at all possible.


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