Friday, May 23, 2008

Take a Look at Darkon If You Have the Chance

I got the movie Darkon from Netflix the other day, and it's real good! It's about these LARPers from Maryland who philosophize about their weekend antics. Two different commentaries! I was reminded of the magnificent obsessions of those featured in the documentary Trekkies, and I see that the folks at Film Threat thought the same thing. I like this quote from their review:

They’re a really smart, charming bunch (okay, some of these dudes are a little spooky), constantly using their imaginations and creating and that’s quite a bit more than you can say for many other people out there leading dull existences with no creative outlet. So in the end, you’re not laughing at these guys because they’re a bunch of weirdos, you’re laughing in celebration of their unbridled passion.

Here's the question I pose to narrow-minded conformists "regular" people who roll their eyes at such things:

Why is this stupid, but football isn't?

Full 90+ minute movie below:

And, JFTHOI, here's a couple of minutes from Trekkies:

Update, 5-26-08: Thanks to commenter Fantasy Freak for pointing me towards Monster Camp.

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Anonymous fantasy freak said...

check out this link I found on apple Itunes for a similar movie called Monster Camp

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