Monday, May 08, 2006

Golden Ratio; Sarah Silverman; Black Cinema; I Only Read It for the Articles; J./Jay; Zombie Archaeology

A few things to mention:

  • I'm gonna check out Sarah Silverman: Jesus Is Magic next month when it comes out on DVD. Another one with a 6-6-6 release date!
  • Here's a site about the negro cinema of the 30s and 40s. Here's another one. As with baseball, early black cinema had all sorts of great stories associated with it and it's a shame to think how many of those films have disintegrated. They used to show some on AMC sometimes, before it went to shit.
  • Rachel Mills comments on her recent subscription to Playboy. Excerpt: Tell me what's healthier? Next time you stand in line in the grocery store, you think about this - the last time you saw a Playboy, what did the cover model look like? Now look at that Cosmo or Vanity Fair, sold outside of plastic wrap in front of your 3 year old. Tell me which model is more likely to be doing lines of coke to look the way she looks? Which one is puking up her sushi in the bathroom? See here for further research material. (Via Akkam)
  • Somehow I had totally missed the fact that J. Geils is now Jay Geils, and is now a jazz guitarist! Sweet!
  • Zombie expert Max Brooks, author of the forthcoming World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War, explains aspects of Zombie archaeology. Excerpt: The greatest lesson our ancestors have to teach us is to remain both vigilant and unafraid. We must endeavor to emulate the ancient Romans; calm, efficient, treating zombies as just one more item on a rather mundane checklist. Panic is the undead's greatest ally, doing far more damage, in, some cases, than the creatures themselves. The goal is to be prepared, not scared, to use our heads, and cut off theirs.


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