Monday, January 09, 2006

New Woody Allen Movie

Real quick about the new Woody Allen movie, Match Point, which we went to see last night. First, about half a dozen GFIMFD multiplex-goers walked out before it was over. Whatever. Second, I'm glad I didn't really read any reviews of it beforehand so I wouldn't have a lot of preconceptions. (I'm purposely not linking to any specific reviews, but if you absolutely have to look, here's the Movie Review Query Engine page for the film.)

I liked it a lot -- it was bleak, but it built up towards its bleakness. (Bleakocity?) And there was one line (delivered by one of the detectives; you'll know it when you hear it) that made me laugh out loud (I was the only one in the theater who did) because it was like a minimalist punchline to a two-hour set-up. A few things to mention: The protagonist was reading a lot of Dostoevsky at the beginning of the movie; I bet if I knew very much about Opera, I would have caught more of the stuff that Allen included as a nice touch for people who do; Because I always stay until the credits are done, I saw that he included an audio clip from the great French crime film Rififi, and I think I know where he used it (and if I'm right, he used it in a very clever way); Lastly, if you have a chance to see (TO AVOID POTENTIAL SPOILER, DO NOT CLICK) this earlier Woody Allen film you ought to, so as to compare and contrast.


Blogger Tuffy said...

I like GFIMFD. What on earth were the dumwits doing at a Woody Allen movie in the first place?

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