Saturday, January 14, 2006

Saturday Morning Stuff

So I have a nice fresh cup of coffee, a (mental) list of things I want to accomplish today, and a few good things to mention:

  • Please welcome First Science and Mike's Amazing World of DC Comics to the blogroll. A Venn diagram of those two sites might overlap with this article, The Science of Superman. Excerpt: On a planet with gravity 1,000 times that of Earth, would it be possible to send a rocket ship, especially a small one as seen in numerous issues of Superman and Action Comics, to Earth? The escape velocity (the speed necessary to break the gravitational pull of a planet) of Krypton would be enormous, approximately 11,000 km/second. That’s about 1/30 the speed of light. No chemical reaction in the universe could produce enough energy necessary to achieve such velocity.
  • Also, please welcome to the blogroll Xooglers. This is a blog for former Google employees (two of them, so far) to share their experiences, insights, criticisms, etc. about their former employer. Excerpt: The seminar was advertised with an incentive: everyone who attended would get "a special bonus prize" or something like that. The prize turned out to be a Google T-shirt with the slogan "All your search are belong to us" on the back. (Note that "search" has to be singular to remain true to the spirit of the thing.) We were admonished not to wear them in public.
  • I have some Netflix flix to watch this weekend (or whenever I want, really): Thriller: They Call Her One Eye, which was part of the inspiration for some of the stuff in KBV1&2; The Godfathers of Mondo, about the lives, careers, and works of Gualtiero Jacopetti and Franco Prosperi; and Cut and Run, a 1985 jungle film from Ruggero Deodato (of Cannibal Holocaust fame -- btw, this looks like a cool book).
  • Here are a whole bunch of custom sign generators.
  • Here's a logic puzzle, supposedly devised by Einstein (Fred Einstein, maybe) that I started doing on New Year's Eve, but then put aside until finishing it (starting over, actually) last night. I made an Excel doc that helped me keep all the stuff straight.
  • Still working on cleaning up and decluttering and tossing and organizing stuff in various rooms. Among the stacks of paper I am weeding through and filing or tossing, I have been finding blogfodder such as a brochure from Literary Luminaries, which is a company that offers playing cards, posters, umbrellas, etc. of Poe, Shakespeare, Dickens, et al. Give 'em a look sometime.


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