Friday, May 19, 2006

My First Legitimate Middlefingeration

I mentioned my pro-immigration beliefs a couple of weeks ago. Here's a great Tech Central Station article on the topic by Jon Henke of QandO. He cites (among other things) this blogpost from Thomas Knapp. Read both!

Henke excerpt: While we may not want a family of thirty moving in right next door, or are irritated by bilingual signage, there is very little historical or empirical precedent to recommend the nativist cultural arguments. Other groups have gradually assimilated and contributed to American culture and the evidence is that Latino immigrants are doing so, as well. In fact, it's very likely our restrictionist immigration policies that inhibit assimilation. If our immigration policy makes it clear to potential immigrants that, with a few lucky exceptions, they're only welcome to work, stay out of sight and then go home, why should they assimilate? The barrio-ization of the illegal immigrant community would then be (and could already be) a product of our own policies.

Knapp excerpt: Bottom line: No reasonable amount of money, manpower or concertina wire is going to stop economically motivated mass immigration. Any US immigration policy framed on a position of general exclusion is doomed to fail and to damage national security to boot. And nobody* who continues to advocate such a policy in the face of the facts deserves to be taken seriously on immigration -- or on "homeland security."

*Knapp is here taking a dig at Michelle Malkin. Doing that will get you on my good side any day.

A couple of weeks ago, there was a mini-festival with some rides and stuff for Cinco de Mayo, and a number of my town's residents of Mexican heritage or origin showed up, not causing any trouble or anything. As I was driving by, there were about 25 protesters waving a bunch of American flags and holding up signs about illegal immigrants, "freedom is not free," etc. and I did something I have never before done in my life: I flipped off the protesters! Of course I've flipped off friends of mine in a joking manner, but I had never extended my third finger in a genuinely hostile manner to any rude driver, obnoxious salesperson, or anyone else until then. I was so proud of myself! I wish I had shouted something like "Go back to the trailer park" or something, but I'll save that for next time.


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